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PETER PAN & WENDY (unpublished)
The story of a boy who will never grow up. . . and a beautiful comic that may never be?
(note: covers, plots, scripts, and other info to be updated in the future)

originally to be published by Eclipse Comics / Tundra / Kitchen Sink Press

Here's something you'll see semi-regularly updated on this webpage, as I get time. This absolutely gorgeous project didn't happen due to a variety of devastating setbacks, but the first issue (and part of the second) is finished, and I haven't given up hope that someday, it may see print.

more info to come

In 1989, Eclipse Books published a slick color catalogue of their Graphic Novels, both those in print and those upcoming. Among those listed was Peter Pan & Wendy. A mocked-up cover used Todd Klein's logo with three presentation art pieces by Craig Hamilton. The text listing is as follows, or click at right to see the ad:

Adapted from the novel by J.M. Barrie
by Andy Mangels and illustrated by Craig Hamilton and Rick Bryant

In three volumes, each 48 pp, 6 5/8 x 10 1/4. full color trade paperback: 1-56060-000-4, 1-56060-001-2, 1-56060-002-0, each $4.95

In the fantastic Neverland, three young children experience the wonders of pirates, mermaids, Indians, fairies, and one very special boy. A boy who can never grow up. A boy who can fly. Peter Pan comes to life in this, the premiere graphic adaptation of Barrie's novel. A visual full color fantasy feast starring Peter, Wendy, Tinker Bell, and the notorious Captain Hook.

The weekly newspaper Comics' Buyer's Guide (#777, October 7, 1988) was the first to break the news about Peter Pan & Wendy, before the art team was even fully in place! There are some interesting quotes by Mangels.
To read the article, click here

England's Speakeasy magazine (#97, April 1989) did an interview with Eclipse editor Fred Burke about Peter Pan & Wendy and Clive Barker's Tapping the Vein.
To read page one, click here
To read page two, click here

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