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Published by Simon Pulse
Written by Andy Mangels and Michael A. Martin

In stores September 1, 2003
256 pgs., Paperback (ISBN: 0-689-85522-2) $5.99
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TURNABOUT is Out Of Print and unavailable.

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On the run. . . and running out of time


When Liz, Max, Maria, Michael, and Kyle left Roswell, they didn’t think their lives would suddenly become perfect. They were, after all, on the run from the FBI. But they certainly didn’t think things could get much worse. They’re learning how wrong they were. The FBI has tracked them via their email accounts and is hot on the group’s trail. It can only be a matter of time before they are apprehended.

Meanwhile, in New York City, three alien Dupes are captured by the police. When the Feds are brought on to the case, the Special Unit recognizes the Dupes—and wonders why "Tess," “Michael,” and “Isabel,” have changed so much since their last encounter. Little does the Unit know it is dealing with a case of mistaken identity. And the real Isabel has more pressing concerns, if Liz’s latest vision is to be believed….

This is the first of a two-part finale for the Roswell saga, wrapping up all the storylines from the television and book series! Read the exciting conclusion in TURNABOUT. . . coming soon!

Here's an excerpt from an early chapter of ROSWELL: PURSUIT

“Liz, we’ve got trouble!”

Liz rushed over toward the window. Kyle got to his feet and moved forward as well.

Maria pointed down to the lower level of the mall, which lay beyond the balcony. There, Liz saw several men dressed in dark suits — as well as several police officers and security guards — moving quickly through the crowd of afternoon shoppers.

“Oh no,” Liz said under her breath. She looked down the balcony toward the coffee shop and saw Max and Michael waiting in line, oblivious to the looming danger. Three stores down, the wall opened up, making way for an escalator. An “Up” escalator, Liz observed.

As Isabel came toward the group, Liz said, “We’ve got to get out of here. And we have to warn Max!”

Then Liz saw a mixed quartet of federal agents and cops coming down the balcony, heading directly toward the Cybernet Café. All of them had already drawn their guns.

Liz turned quickly and looked toward the rear of the café. searching for a rear exit that wasn’t immediately apparent. Her heart lay leaden in her chest.

We’re trapped!

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