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Published by Simon Pulse
Written by Andy Mangels and Michael A. Martin

In stores November 1, 2003
272 pgs., Paperback (ISBN: 0-689-86410-8) $5.99
TURNABOUT is Out Of Print and unavailable.
See Author's Note Below.

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Old enemies become unlikely allies. . .


Based on Liz's most recent vision, Max, Michael, Isabel, Maria, and Kyle determine that Isabel's fate awaits her in Los Angeles—the same place where their parents, captured by the FBI are being held. It stands to reason that the dupes are being held in the same facility, so the group splits up, and half of them head to the Pacific Coast.

Concerned for Isabel's safety, though, Max sends his sister off with the remainder of their friends to Boston, bringing about an awkward reunion between Isabel and her husband Jesse Ramirez. Before long, both the group and the dupes are being pursued by the feds, as well as members of a new alien race. Everyone is forced to put aside their mistrust and work together to thwart the newfound danger that is coming from all sides. . .

This is the final book of the Roswell saga, wrapping up all the storylines from the television and book series!

TURNABOUT is Out Of Print and unavailable.


Late last year, we were made aware of a surprising and saddening news: Simon & Shuster had either sold out or destroyed all remaining copies of ROSWELL: TURNABOUT!

The print run on TURNABOUT had been the lowest for the series (7,500 copies) because stores were not carrying the book series any longer once the TV show was off the air. Still, it astonished us that the finale for the entire series would be allowed to go out of print... especially when the cliff-hanger first book, PURSUIT, was still IN print!

We have made numerous requests and calls to editorial and publishing staff, in an attempt to at least get TURNABOUT released as an e-book, but so far nothing has been decided. When something has been announced, we will post here and to various ROSWELL forums.

We are fully aware that TURNABOUT is selling for excess of $200 on eBay and other markets, but there is nothing we can do to help. We have no further copies to sell, and although we appreciate the emails we get about this project, we cannot generate any further copies to sell.

We hope that you'll take a look at our other ROSWELL books, and other books written by us. Maybe you'll find enough to keep you reading until something regarding TURNABOUT can be arranged.

Best wishes to all out faithful readers, and thanks for being "Here With Us!"

Andy Mangels and Michael A. Martin

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